Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

"Continually impressed by the level of service and flexibility from ShipCalm. They are one of the few 3PLs in the US that have nailed scalability and service level in a single solution."
Dan White
Founder - Fulfilment Industry
"Despite not being a direct customer of Shipcalm, I have had the privilege of helping my company form a bonded partnership with their team. This collaboration has provided valuable insights into their operations and overall approach to logistics. Their leadership team always stands out for their overall competence and tech-forward approach, leveraging innovation for efficient logistics. Shipcalm's commitment to fostering strong relationships and embracing technology makes them a standout in the 3PL space and one i always recommend with full confidence. I look forward to the continued success of their service."
Carter Lowe
Director - Warehouse Management Software
"Been working with ShipCalm across multiple brands this year and these guys know fulfilment inside and out. Super helpful and great systems. Need a 3PL? Look no further!"
Joel Collis
DTC Media Buyer - Fulfilment Industry
"I launched a new wellness brand a few days before BF/CM which was crazy in itself, when sales started cranking in ShipCalm came through in the biggest of ways. In the midst of the storm they seamlessly onboarded my product, got us setup in the system and began shipping in the blink of an eye, truly helping to make the kick-off of my new venture a success. I’ve been in the CPG game for a long time, ShipCalm is much more than a typical fulfillment center, it’s an extended arm to scale your dreams."
Malcom McCassy
CEO - Supplement Industry
"We have had such a seamless transition of our luggage fulfillment from our other 3PL and want to bring the majority of our inventory over to Ship Calm ASAP, as well as our custom subscription/membership boxes. What are the next steps?"
Juneann George
CEO - Clothing Industry (Luggage)
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about ShipCalm. They are truly so wonderful to work with and so helpful with my questions. It’s so lovely to work with someone who is working towards the same goals I am, is so competent, and so nice to boot!"
Ashley McIntosh
Logistics Manager- Party/Gaming Industry
"Been working with ShipCalm for about a year now and the experience has been great. Their customer support is stellar and response time from their team is extremely quick. They've made a huge difference for our business on the fulfillment side and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them."
Austin Piatt
CEO - Supplement Industry
"ShipCalm is a team of great and talented individuals. Their response time is phenomenal, and they're always on top of the ball. The team has been absolutely crucial to the success of our business and ensuring all of our orders flow out, come in, and get where they need to go on time. Don't know how we would be able to succeed without them! 10/10, would recommend."
Shaun Brown
CEO - Supplement Industry
"They have been essential in helping us get ramped up. Communication has been solid and I am excited to continue our engagement with them."
Dylan Dove
CEO - Dog Accessory Industry
"ShipCalm have done a great job for us. No problems."
Tatiana Milakina
Finance Manager - Financial Products