How Amazon Buy With Prime Can Help Your Ecommerce Store

Nowadays, online shopping and Amazon have become almost synonymous for consumers. Especially with the addition of Amazon Prime, boasting that sweet two-day shipping, it seems as though online shoppers almost begin their search by first checking Amazon for product availability. For eCommerce stores looking to increase their consumer interest and grow their overall sales, it’s important to consider how Amazon might work in the best interest of your company. Especially with the option of Amazon’s Buy with Prime option, Amazon’s widespread popularity can potentially work in your favor rather than competitively against it. 

In this article, we’ll explore what Amazon Buy with Prime is, some of the benefits of its use, as well as how to set up Buy with Prime for your own online space. ShipCalm has the know-how and resources to help, so discover how ShipCalm and Amazon Buy with Prime could potentially transform your business.

What is Buy With Prime and How Does it Work?

Amazon Buy with Prime, not to be confused with Seller Fulfilled Prime, is a program launched by Amazon in recent years that is available to US Prime shippers to get the best offer on products from websites outside of Amazon’s extensive portfolio. For eCommerce companies that don’t want to market through Amazon, it can often be difficult to compete against the many perks of Amazon Prime. Buy with Prime is designed to be beneficial for Amazon, eCommerce companies, and consumers alike. 

On the business side of this, this means that despite your products being listed externally from Amazon, they can still embellish the items with a Buy with Prime logo, allowing consumers to buy the product and checkout using their Amazon account information. Amazon provides shipment information directly to the consumer, but your business still benefits from the increase in sales. Many online consumers have Amazon prime, so by setting up Buy with Prime on your eCommerce store they can enjoy free two-day delivery, a streamlined checkout process, and free returns on select orders. If you’re a direct-to-consumer online store, you might be able to optimize your online sales by using Amazon Buy with Prime. 

How To Setup Buy With Prime from Amazon

There are many benefits of choosing Buy with Prime, but as it’s a fairly new program, Buy with Prime is currently an invitation-only feature. That isn’t to say that you can’t properly vouch for candidacy. Current Fulfilled by Amazon businesses are the only eCommerce stores eligible, but will slowly be opened up to more accounts over the course of the year. After joining the interest list and being chosen, setting up Amazon Buy with Prime is fairly simple. Here are the steps for setting up Buy with Prime for your online store: 

  1. Sign up and create an account based on your merchant details
  2. Link your Seller Central and Amazon Pay accounts with Buy with Prime 
  3. Import all existing Amazon catalog information
  4. Choose the products you’d like to showcase the Prime logo and features
  5. Copy and paste the code for the Buy with Prime button into your eCommerce store’s existing site

Benefits of Buy With Prime

There are many benefits of Buy with Prime. One of the most attractive elements of Buy with Prime is that merchants can effectively double their exposure across their own websites as well as through Amazon itself. Sales growth is highly driven by exposure, but its equally determined by convenience. Prime was designed to attract online shoppers, and with Buy with Prime, eCommerce stores can get the best of both worlds. Here are some of the attractive features of Amazon Buy with Prime! 

  • Offer Prime Shipping From Your Website
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Pay as You Go
  • Simple and Quick to Setup
  • ShipCalm Can Help with Buy With Prime Shipping

Let ShipCalm Help You Maximize Your Businesses Potential with Buy With Prime Now!

As an eCommerce business owner, it’s important to consider what are the best options for your customers. While Amazon might seem like an overwhelming competitor in modern markets, they have expanded to further support smaller direct-to-customer businesses by providing Buy with Prime to those merchants. Luckily, optimizing your shipping processes with Amazon is simple with the help of a third-party logistics company like ShipCalm to help navigate the best course. ShipCalm’s affordable pricing and experienced team are here to help your online business not only grow but prosper long-term. Contact ShipCalm to learn more about how you can work Amazon to your advantage today!