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Selling on Amazon can be a confusing process to ensure you are meeting all the FBA requirements. We have a dedicated team of specialists who can walk your through best practices in Vendor and Seller Central inventory replenishment and merchant fulfilled fulfillment.

Selling on Amazon can be a confusing process especially when it comes to working with Amazon FBA.  It’s all too easy to mess up an Amazon FBA shipment and then be hit with unexpected re-work charges, excessive storage fees or a whole host of other issues.  With extensive experience in all of the Amazon platforms including Vendor Central, Seller Central and Seller Fulfilled Prime, our clients at ShipCalm are always ahead of the curve when it comes to working with Amazon.  Let our dedicated team of specialists take the guesswork out of Amazon and simplify this process. We’ll be the logistics experts so you can just focus on selling more products!

Common Complaints With Fulfillment By Amazon

Amazon Seller and Vendor Central can be a hard place to navigate when getting started.  High costs, poor resources, and lack of time can quickly affect your bottom line or hurt your rating.  Below is a list of the most common complaints we help solve for customers looking to grow their Amazon Store.

High Costs

Amazon provides an amazing platform to reach new markets and increase sales, but it can come with a cost.  There are many fees such as shipping, storage, and unexpected re-work fees that can hurt your product margin if you are not careful.  At ShipCalm, we work closely with our customers to ensure products get shipped out with proper Amazon required labeling and packaging while providing insight on how to optimize shipments to lower shipping and storage costs.

Poor Resources & Customer Service

Vendor and seller central are robust applications that provide the tools you need to start shipping with Amazon, but one of the most common issues new customers run into is how hard it is to get support and find the features you need.  According to the Amazon Forums, it can take weeks of emails and phone calls to get an answer, and a lot of the time you will get different answers depending on the representative you are working with. At ShipCalm we have worked with Amazon for years, and our knowledgeable staff is here to help solve tough issues and ensure your shipments go out on time.

Forced Free Shipping

Customers love free shipping and Amazon Prime is an attractive way to increase your exposure through Prime users.  Unfortunately, the seller is the one that takes on the shipping costs and storage fees and must be careful to monitor how much this is affecting the bottom line.  ShipCalm can help reduce storage fees by utilizing Seller Fulfilled Prime for high variant items. This provides flexibility to test new Prime markets without taking on the costs of shipping your goods to an Amazon facility.

Challenges Receiving Return Orders

Receiving an Amazon return order can be a time-consuming process. This issue is created when you end up sending too much inventory to Amazon and need to remove some of it to avoid long term storage fees. While you likely shipped your products to Amazon in well organized master cartons and inner cases, that’s not how they’re going to send it back. This is caused by Amazon’s usage of “chaotic storage” which means that all products are shipped back to you in 1-5 units at a time, in their own boxes, from various fulfillment centers. Sorting through what products should be placed back in inventory, and what products are damaged can quickly consume your time, taking away from your primary business goals. ShipCalm can help sort and re-inventory and case pack your goods while providing clarity on damages to request refunds from Amazon.

Trouble Tracking Returns

Amazon returns can be a time consuming process. Sorting through what products should be placed back in inventory, and what products are damaged can quickly consume your time, taking away from your primary business goals. ShipCalm can help sort and re-inventory your returns while providing clarity on damage goods.

Delays or Lost Products

There could be times when your replenishment shipments get delayed or lost by Amazon, and even though Amazon might help you through the process of getting reimbursed, this could cause delays in your current shipments that could lead to a drop in your seller rating. ShipCalm can provide a safety net when inventory runs out by switching your account to Vendor Fulfilled or starting up Seller Fulfilled Prime to ensure you keep shipping.

ShipCalm Does FBA Better

  • Better Cost & Value: Reduce your storage fees and prep work costs.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service: With limited online resources, Seller and Vendor central can be hard to get up and running.  We can help solve your problems quickly and save you hours of phone calls and emails with Amazon.
  • Flexible Prepping Services: We have affordable and flexible product prepping services and can ensure you have all the required labeling in place to prevent penalty charges.
  • Never run out of inventory on Amazon: We can help ship your inventory as Seller Fulfilled if you ever run out of inventory at the Amazon Warehouses. That means there will be no downtime for your customers.

Our FBA Prep Services

ShipCalm follows all FBA inventory requirements and can handle all of your fulfillment needs. Our FBA prep services include:

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