Pick Pack & Fulfillment

If you are a seller who offers a wide range of products and are unable to kit or preassemble orders in advance, then ShipCalm’s pick and pack services are the perfect fit! Our warehouse can efficiently handle all different types of pick and pack fulfillment needs.

The Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment is not right for every business, but for some sellers, it is a vital part of their eCommerce strategy. Whether you are selling large or small goods, pick and pack fulfillment offers customers the flexibility of regular store and sellers an accurate way of delivering products. Some common benefits of pick and pack fulfillment for sellers include:

  • Efficiency: Pick and pack eliminates the need for collecting items from multiple storage facilities and allows everything to be done in one place.
  • Cost Effective Fulfillment: Receiving, storage, and inventory management are all rolled up into one price.

Benefits for customers of pick and pack fulfillment include:

  • Flexibility: Customers are not forced to only choose from prepackaged options and have the freedom to add products as they choose.
  • Short Turnaround Times: Organized pick and pack management can lead to quicker shipping times and products reaching their destination faster.

Why Use ShipCalm’s Warehouse for Pick and Pack?

  • Accuracy: ShipCalm is proud to provide a high level of accuracy for all of our pick and pack clients. Boasting 99.7% accuracy and up for non-barcoded products with the use of barcodes driving this up to 99.9%
  • Low Cost: Starting at $1.50 per item, ShipCalm offers an affordable solution for online retailers as well as more tranditional retail logistics that require pick and pack.
  • Bill of Materials / Kitting: In addition to orders that come with individual line items to pick and pack we ShipCalm also provides the ability to map master skus to individual items to be picked for that particular configuration.
  • Support: Our team offers complete customer service as well as reverse logistics for returned items.

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Pick and pack fulfillment is synonymous with eCommerce and we have the skills and organization to get it done cost effectively and with accuracy. To get started, check out our services and prices below. Get a custom price by giving us some basic information on your needs and a member of our team will get back to you!