eCommerce Fulfillment

Our goal at ShipCalm is to make ecommerce fulfillment as effortless as possible for you while protecting your brand image and building strong customer relationships. To do that, we offer a one-place-for-all type of service, providing you with a comprehensive way to manage all aspects of your product shipment.

What is Ecommerce Fulfillment?

Ecommerce fulfillment is the process of moving your product to your customers. As simplistic as that sounds, the process involves numerous steps throughout a multi-tiered method to ensure the most effective and efficient fulfillment possible. This includes receiving inventory, storing and packing products, and then shipping orders. It may also involve the handling of returns and management of customer service.

As more of the world moves to a digital platform for sales, ecommerce fulfillment – the main touchpoint of the company and the customer – must be mastered. It impacts every aspect of business operations and customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

At ShipCalm, we provide a wide range of ecommerce fulfillment and other services to our clients, customizing the solutions we offer to fit your specific needs and goals. The following are some of the services we offer that you can utilize to streamline the way you manage your products.


Where does your product sit until someone makes a purchase? Our warehousing and storage solutions make that process simple. You can choose us as your secure partner for warehousing all of your products. We provide all of the services you need, including:

  • Receiving and counting the goods shipped
  • Confirmation or that receipt of goods
  • Organization and putaway services to store your items properly for temperature, high pile limitations, and MSDS requirements
  • Storage management of your products until they are needed
  • Order-picking processes when an order comes in

Our services include the storing of pallets and product case packs, inventory level visibility, and case fulfillment, as well as pick pack per item fulfillment. We then align these services with your goals in areas such as cross-docking, kitting before shipping, and whole pallet fulfillment.

Why use ShipCalm for your warehousing and storage solutions?

By consolidating and managing your warehousing with us, you create a streamlined operation that is highly efficient – and efficiency typically means money-saving. This also helps to reduce shipping time to your customers. We save you time and money.

Inventory Management

Your products need proper management, and ShipCalm can tailor the solutions we offer to meet those expectations. We provide:

  • Effective inventory management of all aspects of your product
  • Real-time tracking of product so you always know what is available and where
  • Efficient SKU management for a more streamlined and efficient process
  • Demand forecasting support to speed up delivery when possible and ensure you have what you need when needed

Poor inventory management leads to overstock, deadstock, stockouts, and frustrations. It costs you money and creates devastating financial blows to companies. With proper inventory management, what you need is on hand and ready to ship out immediately.

Packaging and Assembly Services

An order comes in and needs to move as quickly through the process as possible. From single items to bulk loads, every interaction’s success comes down to the packing and assembly of orders. Quality packaging and assembly in ecommerce fulfillment often define the impression customers have of your product and brand – not the picking team behind you. We ensure, then, that we are a clear, positive extension of your brand.

We focus on providing superior customer satisfaction and brand image management throughout our packaging and assembly services. This includes incorporating best practices in areas of:

  • Using eco-friendly options when possible
  • Creating custom packaging solutions
  • Ensuring accuracy and speed

Reverse Logistics and Return Processing

Even in the best situation, products come back, and how efficiently you manage the reverse logistics and return process ultimately defines customer satisfaction and profit margin loss. At ShipCalm, we provide efficient and customer-friendly returns processes that align with your goals and minimize costs.

We strive to provide our clients with individualized returns processes that address their specific needs. Our core services here include:

  • Creating a reverse logistics process that meets your expectations in timelines and product restocking
  • Restocking returned items properly and efficiently to minimize any lost time
  • Processing refunds based on the standards and specifications you set

When reverse logistics and returns are managed properly, it leads to reduced expenses, better customer loyalty, improved profitability, and more accurate inventory management. Our reputation of providing maximum support so you can get maximum value from every product helps us to stand out.

Kitting & Assembly

At ShipCalm, we offer both scalable kitting and assembly services to help your business boost productivity and achieve better profit goals. Kitting allows us to assemble multiple items into a single package that is then shipped to your customer. A subscription box is a common example of this. We can assemble your kits with products from one or more suppliers, create poly bags and custom boxes with logos and branding, and label products properly.

When you use our kitting services, it can help reduce your labor costs in your own location and help ensure your clients always receive what they need and expect.

Our services include:

  • Creating custom product bundles and orders
  • Adding value to the customer experience through customized solutions
  • Clamshell, shrink wrap, and blister pack options
  • Built-to-order products
  • Upfront or on-demand options
  • Full assembly services

Best of all, we can customize a solution to fit your goals. Ask us about our full kitting and assembly solutions.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Models

ShipCalm offers ecommerce fulfillment services that fit the way you operate your business. There is no single ecommerce logistics solution that fits all companies, but there is a solution available through us that works for your business.

In-house Fulfillment

In-house fulfillment is, at its core, the most basic form of storing and managing your products. All of the orders provided by your customers are processed, picked, packed, and then shipped to them based on the strategies, goals, and expectations you set.

In-house fulfillment offers benefits because it means your company remains in control over the entire process, and you can easily oversee that process. However, in-house fulfillment tends to require more hands-on support, including real estate for warehousing and added costs related to labor. It is also very difficult for companies that are growing to scale when they are trying to manage the entire fulfillment process themselves.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Our next-generation 3PL service is designed to improve the way you operate. Third-party logistics providers offer the transportation of goods and materials, order fulfillment, warehousing, and data control. A 3PL will provide all of the services that involve the management of goods through the supply chain.

3PL providers offer:

  • Procurement services
  • Order fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation

This often also includes IT systems integration, data exchange, reverse logistics, and inventory management. Many types of businesses benefit from 3PL because it can help to get orders delivered at a faster rate and, ultimately, save on logistics costs. It also allows you to scale easily as your business grows.

Industries that often rely on 3PL services like this include:

  • The manufacturing sector
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Retailers
  • Medical suppliers
  • Food distributors and restaurants
  • Construction industry
  • Auto industry
  • Cosmetic industry

Marketplace Fulfillment Centers

Marketplace fulfillment centers like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is another avenue for getting products to customers. With these types of services, the advantage is reduced shipping. Products can get to customers ordering on that platform or in other ways faster than most other methods.

The drawback of fulfillment centers is typically the higher cost. You have to pay for prime storage space, and that can include fees for products that sit too long.

For organizations that need more streamlined and efficient management of products and are looking for competitive pricing, Amazon FBA prep fulfillment is a service we offer. It allows you to maximize the outcome in every situation.

Walmart fulfillment services are an alternative. This allows companies to streamline their ecommerce operations and reduce shipping times and costs using Walmart’s infrastructure for fulfillment.


Dropshipping is a hassle-free method our team can offer to help you get products where they need to go efficiently. The benefit of this type of service is the significantly lower costs and simple management of product with minimal inventory management required.

This method allows for products to be shipped directly to the customer without having to manage any inventory at all. The key advantage here is the low startup cost it often offers to clients and the ability to build a business from the ground up without significant limitations. Inventory synchronization is the biggest obstacle in dropshipping solutions, but an effective provider can minimize this risk.

Industries Using 3PLs

There are many organizations that have made the move to using 3PLs simply because they offer the most effective way of moving product where it needs to go with a keen eye on minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.

The following are some of the industries currently benefiting from outsourcing through 3PL services. 

Health & Beauty

The health and beauty fulfillment process can be challenging for multiple reasons, including industry regulations and compliance requirements. With 3PL support, handling fragile and perishable items does not have to be a challenge.

Food & Beverage

Many food and beverage companies have moved to 3PL for their fulfillment because of its versatility to meet very specific needs. Core in this area is the ability for companies to manage food and beverage fulfillment requirements in areas like temperature control and the management of both fragile and perishable items.


The apparel industry is also relying heavily on 3PL services because they offer the flexibility to be versatile. In this industry, the need for multiple sizes, styles, materials, and shipping methods makes 3PLs the service to turn to for its diversity.


The supplement industry is often faced with regulations and compliance requirements, all of which can be safely managed by the 3PL provider and minimized in terms of risk to the manufacturer and company. This includes addressing the need for product safety.

Ecommerce Partners

As one of the most diverse of all ecommerce fulfillment companies, organizations like the following consistently work with our team at ShipCalm for their needs:

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Fulfillment Centers

At ShipCalm, our ecommerce fulfillment center is close by and ready to help you. Consider the following ecommerce fulfillment warehouse and fulfillment locations we offer.

ShipCalm Fulfillment Locations

Explore our order fulfillment ecommerce locations throughout the country, including our San Diego 3PL services and Indianapolis 3PLS services.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Ecommerce Fulfillment

Why make the move to use an ecommerce fulfillment company for your business’s product and material management? Consider why so many of our clients are turning to us as a way to outsource ecommerce fulfillment so they can focus on building their business.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Utilizing our ecommerce 3PL service provides increased efficiency in the way your products are managed, and it saves you money. With streamlined processes, fewer steps, and fewer people involved in the management of your assets, your operational costs are minimized.

Focusing on Core Business Activities

When you turn to us for order fulfillment ecommerce services, we focus on the work of managing your inventory, meeting your customer needs, and providing exceptional logistics services. That means that, by outsourcing your needs, you can focus on the core activities within your business that can help it grow and scale, including product development, marketing, and image building.

Access to Expertise and Scalability

As a trusted, experienced ecommerce fulfillment company, ShipCalm handles one of the most important components of managing the success of your business – putting your product in the hands of your customer – with confidence. You get to work with our industry professionals who are consistently working to innovate and grow the services and solutions we can offer to our customers. This allows our clients to benefit. As your business grows, you maintain the ability to use services best suited for your company.

Improved Customer Experience

When it comes to fulfillment, ecommerce is the method customers prefer. When you work with us, not only do we meet that need, but we also provide an exceptional level of customer experience. This includes providing your customers with what they expect – fast shipping, accurate order processing, and easy returns. Today, companies that can match these expectations build loyalty even in a crowded marketplace.

Ecommerce Fulfillment and Brand Success

When you use our ecommerce logistics, your on-time delivery, high-quality products, and outstanding ability to process orders quickly and efficiently build your brand. We provide you with all of the tools needed to establish and build brand success over time, and that often means ensuring your company stands out from the rest.

Building Customer Loyalty

Utilizing the most effective of ecommerce fulfillment services enhances your company to build customer loyalty. Today’s customer wants to find what they need, order it, and get it fast. When companies provide for that, customers become repeat buyers and stewards of the company, sharing their experiences with others. Our fast, reliable order processing and delivery solutions enhance your ability to build valuable customer loyalty.

Enhancing Brand Image

What is your brand known for? With our ecommerce order fulfillment and management processes, we improve your brand image. We allow your company to come to mind first when a customer thinks, “I need this to be right and fast.” This also includes our focus on providing superior order accuracy and easy-to-use, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Competitive Edge with Fast and Accurate Delivery

Ultimately, what gives you the competitive edge is working with the best ecommerce fulfillment companies that provide fast and accurate delivery. This is what impacts the customer retention of your product beyond nearly anything else. It influences market positioning as well.


One of the most important factors to consider when trying to meet the increasing demands of your customers is who is going to be your partner in achieving success. The role of a fulfillment partner should be diverse, customized, and all-encompassing to streamline operations and allow for effective management of all aspects of the fulfillment process. We handle the inventory, order processing, shipping services, and other components with confidence and skill.

Today, it is never too early to consider the value 3PL services can bring. If you do not want the added costs of managing a warehouse, it is time to turn to a 3PL to do the work for you.

To make the decision to turn to a 3PL provider or another commercial fulfillment outsourcing option, consider your current costs not only for leasing warehouse space but also for managing employees and the cost of missed shipments and delays. The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing will be based on the scale of your operation but ultimately must factor in reliability and expert support, as this brings real value to your company.

Do not become overwhelmed by the process. Our team will work with you to ensure a clear transition plan is in place that outlines all expectations and delivers results on day one. Be open and thorough with our team from the initial process, and allow us to help you navigate any obstacles you may be facing.

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