Kitting & Assembly Services

We have a scalable and affordable kitting and assembly service to help increase your productivity. No matter if you need a poly bag, subscription box, or almost any other customer assembly, our team will ensure every products gets shipped out exactly how you want.

ShipCalm is known for our scalable and affordable kitting and fulfillment services that’ll help increase your productivity, reduce your costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you need a poly bag, subscription box, or almost any other custom assembly, our team will ensure every product gets shipped out exactly how you want.

If you don’t get finished goods from your manufacturer, that’s OK with us. ShipCalm provides a wide variety of kitting services that can include packaging and assembly services along with your fulfillment.

This can be beneficial for managing inventory as raw goods. ShipCalm can build on demand, streamlining inventory and minimizing finished-goods stock levels.

What Are Kitting Services

Kitting services are a service designed to help eCommerce businesses save time and money. Kitting is assembling multiple items into one package – or “kit” – for shipment to customers. This can include combining products from different suppliers, packaging them in custom boxes or bags, and labeling them with product information and shipping labels.

By using kitting services, businesses can reduce labor costs and ensure that orders arrive on time and in perfect condition.

How Do Kitting and Assembly Services Work?

Kitting involves gathering all necessary components or products needed for an order into one kit before it’s shipped to customers.

This might mean collecting products from various vendors and gathering additional supplies – like packaging materials (boxes/bags), labels/stickers with product information printed on them, or anything else needed to complete and ship an order.

Once everything’s gathered, it’ll be assembled according to specific instructions, so each kit contains exactly what was ordered, without any mistakes being made during the assembly process itself. Clearly, this step requires attention to detail, and that’s where a strong kitting and fulfillment services partner is worth it!

Finally, kits will need a last inspection before being sealed so they’re ready for shipment. Depending on complexity, some logistics providers might even offer quality assurance testing to ensure accuracy rate remains high throughout the production cycle.

Pre-Kitting vs Kit On Demand

Pre-kitting involves pre-building kits and storing them into inventory to later be pulled and shipped as if they were just a single item. This has the benefit of efficiency – fulfilling orders becomes much faster, and when dealing with spikes in order volumes it can keep product moving and deliveries on time as promised. Pre-kitting also brings down the overall cost as you gain efficiency when assembling in advance.

There is one downside to pre-kitting, though. You lack flexibility and the products may need to be broken back out if you ever need to change kits that are in-stock.

Kit-on-demand is exactly what it sounds like. Kits are built at the time the order is placed. With this methodology, you have total flexibility, but it’s much more expensive as each kit is built as a one-off instead of on an assembly line.

Benefits of Kitting and Assembly Services

Fulfillment kitting services offer an opportunity to maximize sales and profits by combining multiple SKUs into one package with an entirely separate SKU.

Other kitting services benefits include:

  • Reduced overhead and shipping costs – Kitting allows for cost-effective overhead and lower shipping costs rather than multiple packages and shipments.
  • Reduced storage and inventory costs – Enjoy better use of your own space due to less need for inventory storage.
  • Faster assembly – Because products and items are processed in bulk, assembly time is significantly reduced, saving money while streamlining assembly processes.
  • Accuracy in inventory and pulling orders – Ensure accurate inventory and order pulling for inventory, warehouse management, and other aspects of supply chain management.
  • Premium packaging does double duty – Custom packaging not only improves brand awareness, it can also lower shipping costs, as the perfect-sized box or package might cost less to ship.
  • Prevent misplaced or lost parts – Reduce the number of lost parts due to rushed or careless packing and inventory monitoring.
  • Reduce volume-related errors – Experienced kitting companies have minimal errors, even with high-volume production.
  • Reduction in purchase orders – Kits combine product, reducing the number of purchase orders that need to be processed and managed.
  • Less shipping mistakes – Kits are less likely to have errors during order fulfillment.

Why Use ShipCalm for Kitting and Assembly

ShipCalm makes the kitting process easy and seamless. We have a consistent, reliable, dedicated team who understands the nuances of every customer’s kitting needs. As a result, we can expedite services efficiently and cost-effectively. Our commitment to quality means you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

ShipCalm offers well-thought-out and time-tested kitting and fulfillment service processes that result in a superior experience. We can ensure:

  • Fast onboarding
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expansion readiness
  • Quality control

Our Kitting and Packaging Services Include

  • Kitting
  • Labeling & packaging – clamshell, shrink-wrap and blister pack
  • Build-to-order
  • Quality control testing
  • Assembly
  • Upfront or on-demand options
  • For custom requirements, contact us

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