Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant

There’s no denying the massive market effect that Amazon has seized in recent years. Amazon and other eCommerce platforms have completely uprooted the way consumers shop, purchase goods, and receive said products. Not only has Amazon reshaped the way consumers purchase items, but it’s also transformed the customer’s expectations of shipping with the popularity of […]

What Are Delivery Exceptions and How to Handle Them

In the current marketplace, purchasing goods that get delivered to our doorstep is the new normal. And in that market, there is a natural desire and heightened expectation for quick and efficient delivery times. As an eCommerce business, providing consistent delivery rates and times is a part of running efficiently, but delivery delays and complications […]

Selling On The Walmart Marketplace

As one of the largest retailers in the United States, Walmart has been a household name for decades. While it may be heavily associated with its shopping experience and sales-related crowds, much like countless other retailers they have made the push toward e-commerce accommodations, with many of its products as readily available online as they […]

Shipping Insurance

If you’re shipping something of value, odds are you want it to arrive in a safe and timely manner. Especially as a merchant or ecommerce business, ensuring that products are shipping successfully can be the difference between a good financial year and a great one. The increase in online shopping and consumerism only forecasts this […]

Section 321: Duty-Free Entries

When importing items into the United States, there are numerous shipping logistics that need to be considered to guarantee a successful delivery. International customs, taxes, and import duties all tremendously affect expected shipping costs. Practicing efficient shipping practices guarantees that you’re saving money in the long run and securing profit, with international shipments causing the […]

Shipping Zones

When it comes to shipping goods domestically, it’s inevitable to run into the factor of shipping zones. While most know about the existence of shipping zones, it’s less common for someone to understand why shipping zones exist and how they affect the price of shipping. There is a lot to be gained in understanding shipping […]

What is a 3PL?

Let’s face it, shipping times and delivery expectations are just an average element of being a consumer these days. Gone are the days of heading to the same three stores to purchase goods, with the amount of online ecommerce spaces and retailers, endless options are now at our fingertips. In 2020 alone, there was a […]

How to Forecast Inventory

Inventory forecasting is a crucial element of any prosperous distributor of goods or wholesale items. The last thing that a business owner wants is for the demand for their product to not be available or delayed due to inventory complications. Implementing a reliable inventory forecasting model lets businesses attain consumer consistency as well as support […]

What is a Fulfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is essentially a warehouse used to pack and ship products to consumers. That said, the two terms, warehousing and fulfillment centers, are not interchangeable. True, both use large buildings to store product. But a warehouse is used to store product or bulk inventory for long periods at a time. A fulfillment center […]

Seller Fulfilled Prime Guide

The 2015 launching of Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) was exciting for merchants with Professional Selling Accounts who had longed to see the Amazon golden touch grow their revenue. The program allows high-volume sellers to proudly boast the Prime label on their eCommerce store, giving them instant recognition and earned trust with consumers. The addition […]