Is ShipStation worth it?

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As order volume picks up many small business owners find themselves constantly logging into or FedEx Online to generate shipping labels for the half dozen orders or so that they need to process every day. This may seem maintainable in the short run, but will quickly grow to consume your valuable time and increase the likelihood of error.

If it’s the cost you’re concerned about, you need not look further than the Negotiated Rates opportunity that ShipStation has already negotiated with their partners on your behalf. Take a look at this ShipStation article about Shipping Carrier Discounts and you’ll see that the saving of using ShipStation make the platform better than free.

There are a ton of features that will streamline your operation and minimize errors from duplicate data entry. Keep in mind that for a typical $15 / hour warehouse employee cost your business about $0.30 per minute when fully loaded up with tax, insurance, etc. This means that if we can process orders even 30 seconds faster it’s still worth it. I challenge you to time how long it takes you to enter your next order into USPS or and see if it takes longer than 30 seconds.

I haven’t even gotten into all of the amazing features that ShipStation offers to give you better visibility into your business, fewer errors and superior order management. I encourage you to go ahead and run the start your ShipStation free-trial for the next 30 days so that you can test those features out for yourself. Reach out to ShipCalm today if you have any questions!

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