ShipCalm Receives $2 Million Financing Round

CARLSBAD, Calif.– As smaller, next generation e-Commerce businesses continue to struggle with logistics, they need more comprehensive solutions to not only compete but to also keep up with rapidly growing demand.

ShipCalm, an e-Commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider, has announced it will use a recent $2 million financing round to help small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) further solve these operational challenges.

The recent funding from Montage Capital is also expected to help fuel ShipCalm’s next stage of growth as it expands into new territories and reaches more targeted consumers. ShipCalm will also add as many as 30 new positions over the next 12 months, including hires in technology, sales and marketing, and operations.

“ShipCalm is the only operational provider in the industry serving a true Omni-Channel business approach for SMBs,” said CEO Greg Moser. “As customer acquisition costs rise for direct-to-consumer business models, brands need to turn to wholesaling their products into national retail chains earlier than ever, and there are almost no service providers to support these emerging brands at this critical moment in their development. These funds will allow ShipCalm to continue to scale up its network and service offerings to meet an ever-growing demand.”

Many digitally native brands are challenged with running their omni-channel operations, including data/intelligence, logistics and general operations. ShipCalm’s SaaS AI platform, SmartWarehouses™, and professional services help ease these pain points.

“I believe that vendors in the industry will continue to bring more tech-enabled, value-added services to their clients in the next several years. ShipCalm has only scratched the surface in providing things like data/analytics and business intelligence to assist clients in demand forecasting, shipping optimization, and return management, to name a few,” said Mike Rose, Managing Director,

Montage Capital. “ShipCalm has deep domain expertise that offers native e-Commerce customers a turnkey solution leveraging software, logistics, real estate, data/analytics, and other services that allow its customers to focus on what they do best — design unique products targeted across multiple industries/sectors and across a wide number of domestic and international geographies.”

With the e-Commerce logistics industry expected to grow to $1.4 trillion in 2027 at a CAGR of 20%, ShipCalm is poised to become a key market player for SMBs.

ShipCalm has a long history of rapid  revenue growth and has continued that trend by growing over 40% just in Q2 over Q1 of 2023 alone.

“We anticipate 2024 will be another triple-digit revenue growth year and couldn’t be more excited about it,” Moser said.

About ShipCalm

ShipCalm is an e-Commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. Founded in 2017, ShipCalm provides a number of logistics services aimed at helping online businesses solve their shipping problems. ShipCalm provides solutions for e-Commerce business owners with Amazon FBA prep, reverse logistics, kitting, packing and assembly, as well as e-Commerce shipping and warehousing. As the world-leading 3PO, ShipCalm provides complete operational solutions to digitally native brands, including a third-party operations platform that streamlines traditional operations with data and powerful AI. More information at

About Montage Capital

Montage Capital provides minimally dilutive growth debt to capital efficient companies with at least $3 million in annual revenue. Montage is uniquely positioned as a less dilutive alternative to equity financing, with the experience to offer guidance typical of equity investors. Montage is often the first institutional investor in a company, but Montage also supports venture or private equity-backed companies without requiring a concurrent equity investment. More information at

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ShipCalm is an Omnichannel 3PL for E-Commerce

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