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Anyone who is slightly familiar with online shipping is aware of the timeless presence of eBay. Despite its evolving infrastructure, eBay has remained a top name within the eCommerce world since its creation in 1995. But with time, the demands of online consumers have shifted to demand instantaneous service. To stay competitive among eCommerce titans like Amazon, eBay has adapted to accommodate the increased popularity of online shopping and eCommerce businesses. One of their most exciting developments has been the creation of eBay Fulfillment and the development of comprehensive shipping services available to eBay sellers. 

In this article, ShipCalm will explore the exciting new eBay fulfillment services, what these services include, how they work for eBay merchants, as well as how ShipCalm can further improve eCommerce sales. With our helpful guide, selling on eBay is made simple and inventory fulfillment is easier than ever.

What are eBay Fulfillment Services?

With the consistent increase in shipments made by eBay sellers, the eCommerce marketplace has decided to introduce Managed Delivery, an affordable fulfillment service through eBay. The program will benefit both eBay merchants and shoppers by providing fast and reliable delivery on eBay’s expansive catalog of products. Especially welcomed by eBay sellers that deal with high-volume inventory, the initiative is designed to meet the increase in consumer expectations while also addressing the need for reduced shipping costs. 

So what does eBay’s fulfillment service entail? Managed Delivery promises to provide sellers the option to store, pack, and ship their inventory through logistic partners managed by eBay, similar to ShipCalm’s partnership. Sellers can store inventory closer to their buyer demographic in strategic warehouses around the country, effectively speeding up overall shipping times and lowering shipping costs. eBay will power the service through a platform of 3PL services that handle the fulfillment process from beginning to end. 

eBay President and CEO Devin Wenig describes the new eBay fulfillment service as a welcomed feature among eBay sellers. “Managed Delivery will be a competitively-priced logistics solution for businesses selling high-volume goods in popular categories like electronics, home and garden, and fashion,” Wenig reveals. “The implementation of this service will dramatically lessen the shipping burden on sellers while improving the shopping experience and making unboxing fun for buyers.”

Does eBay Have Warehouses?

We briefly touched on how eBay would partner with 3PL companies like ShipCalm to store seller inventory within strategically chosen warehouses around the country. While these warehouses provide sellers with the ability to speed up their shipping times and even offer free shipping to nearby consumers, these fulfillment centers are owned by a combination of eBay and the shipping logistic companies they’ve chosen to partner with. The more warehouses, the more inventory can be stored, so you can bet to see an increase in these warehouses in coming years. 

How Do eBay Fulfillment Services Work

eBay fulfillment services are fairly straightforward. For example, let’s say you’re an eBay seller with a thriving candle business that also sells their candles online. However, you’ve noticed that online orders have increased and you’re struggling to fulfill their orders reliably due to long shipping times or poor inventory management. If you were to choose Managed Delivery options through eBay’s fulfillment services, you can hand over the responsibility of order fulfillment to eBay and their trusted 3PL partners. 

You’d deploy your inventory to the designated eBay fulfillment warehouse, and the service would take care of storing, packing, and shipping those goods to your customers. eBay sellers need to apply to determine their qualification for the service, but it’s a worthwhile choice for any merchant that needs to wrangle in and optimize their online shipments.

eBay Fulfillment vs. Fulfillment By Amazon

Another reason eBay has introduced eBay Managed Delivery is to compete with its rival eCommerce titan, Amazon. Fulfilled by Amazon is a service provided to Amazon sellers that handles the order fulfillment process for online merchants, from the storage of inventory to the packing and shipping process. eBay fulfillment services work the same way, but provide the added benefit of less competition within the online space. Amazon is highly congested with online sellers, but by choosing eBay fulfillment services merchants can take advantage of less product competition while still benefiting from the longstanding brand awareness. 

Benefits of Integrating eBay Fulfillment with ShipCalm

Now that we understand what eBay Fulfillment services include and how sellers can take advantage of them, let’s dive into some of the biggest benefits of integrating eBay fulfillment services with a 3PL company like ShipCalm. As a trusted third-party logistics company, ShipCalm has the tools and resources needed to help eBay sellers grow their audience and optimize their shipping processes. eBay has numerous fulfillment tools to take advantage of, but partnering with a 3PL company like ShipCalm can further improve your business operations. Let’s review a few of the advantages of choosing to integrate with ShipCalm as an eBay seller:

  • Transparent Pricing: When working with ShipCalm’s eBay fulfillment services, neither you nor your customers will ever be in the dark regarding shipping price. Boasting transparent pricing, understanding your business’ bottom line is made easier with ShipCalm.
  • Fast Shipping: Once eBay sellers’ shipping and fulfillment procedures have been optimized, they’re able to open the door to expedited shipping times. By storing inventory strategically based on your sales flow, eBay sellers can even offer discounted or free shipping.
  • Simple Return Process: As much as ShipCalm specializes in shipping logistics, we care just as much about making sure your customers are happy with their orders. ShipCalm has a comprehensive system for refunds and returns, so eBay sellers won’t have to worry about circling back on previous orders to resolve any issues. 
  • Pick & Pack Services: ShipCalm will take the reins on the storage and packing process for all inventory. With our automated order fulfillment services, ShipCalm representatives will take care of tracking and handling the seller’s catalog of products. 
  • Customer Service: ShipCalm understands the importance of customer retention, and with our customer service team, we commit ourselves to make sure they come back to support your store. ShipCalm can handle any customer complaints and find a quick resolution so that you can focus on running your business. 
  • Integration: One of the best parts of choosing ShipCalm as your eBay fulfillment partner is our seamless integration with your systems, keeping all inventory information in one place to easily track and manage online orders. 

ShipCalm Can Help With Your eBay Fulfillment Needs!

As one of the top eCommerce marketplaces, exploring eBay fulfillment services can be a lucrative choice for aspiring merchants whose company can benefit from welcomed exposure and a trusted brand. With the launch of Managed Delivery, eBay is shaking out to become an even larger name within the eCommerce realm. Get ready to see eBay parcels populated porches soon with these fulfillment services designed to help both sellers and buyers. Growing your business is even easier with the help of ShipCalm’s amazing selection of 3PL services. ShipCalm boasts competitive pricing to help eBay sellers improve their supply-chain management and order fulfillment processes. 

Regardless of whether or not your business has thrived for years or is just now getting its footing, ShipCalm’s affordable services provide eCommerce businesses with the tools needed to optimize their shipping. Our comprehensive inventory management software and fulfillment optimization process allow you to save time and money on tracking inventory and spend more time making your customers happy. Contact a ShipCalm team member to begin thriving within eBay’s extensive e-commerce marketplace today! 

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