EDI Order Management

EDI order management is the process of securely exchanging business documents electronically between two or more trading partners. Documents might include orders, invoices, shipping notices, or other data used to facilitate a transaction. EDI order processing allows you to reduce the time and cost associated with manual data entry while ensuring accuracy in every transaction.

What Is EDI Order Processing

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a system that enables the electronic – computer-to-computer – exchange of orders and documents with your trading partners. It lets you quickly, accurately, and securely transmit purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and more, all in a standardized format. EDI reduces manual errors while streamlining the entire ordering process from start to finish. EDI automation involves: 

  • Buying organizations – distributors, grocers, retailers – send electronic POs to suppliers
  • Suppliers receive electronic POs  
  • Suppliers then send buyers electronic acknowledgement of orders and invoices

EDI eliminates the outdated manual process of using phone, email, and fax to transfer information. Though initially designed for wholesale orders, EDI can be implemented with dropship and direct-to-consumer orders, too. 

Standard EDI documents include:

  • 940 – Warehouse Shipping Order

  • 943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

  • 944 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

  • 945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice

  • 946 – Delivery Information Message

  • 947 – Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice

  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

  • 856 – Advance Shipment Notice/Manifest

  • 850 – Purchase Order

  • 810 – Invoice Transactions

* Note, we can support virtually any document you need

How Does ShipCalm Help with EDI Order Management?

ShipCalm offers all aspects of eCommerce fulfillment services, including setting up and managing EDI solutions. EDI automates and eliminates the complexities of the process. Our team will work with you from the beginning of the setup until completion – we’ll also provide ongoing support as needed.

With EDI solutions, you can streamline order processing, ensuring every order is delivered quickly and accurately. An effective EDI solution can:

  • Improve partnerships with retailers 

  • Connect you with and add new trading partners

  • Allow you to do more business, faster

  • Help you stay on top of orders

  • Reduce the chance of errors

  • Streamline end-to-end order processing  

  • Free up time and resources

ShipCalm provides additional services beyond simply setting up and monitoring EDI systems, though. We’ll assist you with every aspect of your OMS, including:

  • Inventory management

  • Order processing 

  • Fulfillment tracking/reporting tools

  • Customer service support

  • Returns processing

  • Packaging and labeling solutions

  • Warehousing and distribution services

  • Freight forwarding services

  • International shipping options

  • Custom reporting capabilities

  • And more 

Streamline your order management process and save time with ShipCalm’s EDI services – we work with the following platforms:

ShipCalm Can Handle More Than Just Your EDI System Management

We don’t just help you manage your EDI system efficiently. We also offer comprehensive 3PL services, tailored to meet your exact needs. 

Whether you need help setting up an efficient supply chain network, or you just want support handling the day-to-day tasks associated with getting your product out the door – ShipCalm has got you covered! 

ShipCalm seamlessly integrates with all today’s popular platforms, making it easy to manage and control inventory levels across all channels. Plus, by integrating these platforms under one roof, you can keep track of customer data in one place, tracking sales performance or analyzing trends in customer behavior. 

Popular platforms ShipCalm seamlessly integrates with include:

Bottom line, ShipCalm provides an all-in-one EDI software solution for order processing, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Let ShipCalm Help You Get Your Product Into Retail Stores !

Ready to take advantage of the modern technology available and get your product moving? ShipCalm is here to help. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, so you can focus on what matters – growing your business. 

ShipCalm’s EDI order processing services make it easy to get your products into retail stores and the hands of customers quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our EDI services, contact us or visit our pricing page to fill out a custom pricing form today.