Serialized Transaction Solutions

We offer a variety of serialization packaging solutions to keep your business’ products safe, secure, and seamlessly shipped and tracked.

Product traceability is paramount to protecting your brand, and ShipCalm’s product serialization solutions are here to help. Whether you’re looking to secure your items from counterfeit imitations, wish to comply with serialization regulations for specific products, or simply want a unique connection with your customers or patients, product serialization helps to streamline and provide necessary product tracking. ShipCalm has a variety of serialization packaging solutions to keep your business’ products safe, secure, and seamlessly shipped and tracked. 

What is Product Serialization and Why is it Important?

Product serialization is the process of assigning a unique serial identity to a product or item. Product serialization helps when sorting through a wide variety of inventory or items by assigning each unit with  a unique code, typically a QR code, NFC, or RFID. Considering the ever-growing demand for shipping updates, product serialization ensures that items are traceable, recoverable and it helps businesses an organized way to track their sales for better performance. 

Product serialization is an absolute necessity in select industries such as pharmaceutical, medical testing and equipment, firearms, and IoT devices. ShipCalm boasts the support of various certification requirements and has the infrastructure to organize and provide imperative data in an API-centric manner. Here are some industries that may benefit from ShipCalm’s product serialization services: 

  • Firearms Sales
  • Medical Testing and Medical Devices
  • Bicycle and Motorcycles Sales 
  • IoT Device and Other Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Automotive Parts
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Machinery
  • And more

How ShipCalm Helps You With Product Serialization


ShipCalm understands the full picture of shipping and product serialization from beginning to end. We can work with our customers to create custom solutions and trackable endpoints to help your business connect the dots and organize products more effectively. High-ticket items or even items you don’t wish to be roaming in the wild can be successfully tracked with ShipCalm’s serialized transaction solutions. As a trusted 3PL company, we support business models that embrace reverse logistics and can help introduce product serialization practices that will help your business’ infrastructure thrive.

Let ShipCalm Help You Throughout Your Logistics Program


It’s time to take the headache out of shipment tracking and transform your shipping logistic operation with ShipCalm’s product serialization solutions. We understand that embracing a strong reverse logistics strategy can elevate the way you do business and provide peace of mind when processing product returns and tracking. ShipCalm has proven expertise in all areas of the shipping process and we can optimize your business’ shipping logistical needs with these solution-based services: 

We have experience working with a variety of platform integrations and providing data-backed solutions in an API-centric way. This gives ShipCalm the capability to create expedited and comprehensive shipping infrastructure that will support your business’ long-term growth and scalability. By outsourcing your reverse logistics and product serialization to ShipCalm, you’ll also save time and money in the long term. 

ShipCalm also has partnership integrations with a variety of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, such as:

Product serialization can be a mind-boggling task for those who are just learning about the need for serialization solutions. Optimizing this part of the shipping logistics can also be challenging for industry professionals. ShipCalm has the expertise and experience to help. Let our serialized transaction solutions simplify and expedite your product tracking process. Call us or get started with a custom price today!