Walmart Fulfillment Services

While many might think of Walmart as a brick-and-mortar retail store, Walmart Marketplace has modernized the retailer’s online offerings to allow third party sellers an eCommerce space akin to that of Amazon or eBay. While Amazon and eBay have become saturated with online sellers, Walmart has offered online merchants a new venue for sales.

Walmart’s fulfillment capabilities have evolved substantially in recent years, with many eCommerce merchants choosing Walmart as an outlet for their inventory. While selling through Walmart might be overwhelming for new merchants, ShipCalm has extensive experience working within Walmart’s fulfillment services to help businesses maximize their profits while minimizing the headaches of shipping fulfillment.

Walmart Fulfillment

What Does Walmart Fulfillment Services Entail?

Walmart fulfillment services allow Walmart Marketplace merchants the ability to fulfill product orders more efficiently. The beginning-to-end fulfillment process enables Walmart’s eCommerce merchants the ability to optimize their inventory management, offer faster shipping, provide trusted customer service, and a seamless return process that will keep customers coming back. Merchants are able to store their inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers while advertising their selection on Walmart’s website. Once an order is placed online, the Walmart fulfillment team takes care of all selection, packing, and shipping of inventory. If you wish to focus on scaling your business, allow the professionals at ShipCalm to take care of all of the logistics of your Walmart fulfillment services.

Walmart fulfillment services are often compared to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and while both provide merchants with a comprehensive online marketplace, their services widely vary. FBA demands merchants ship their products to a variety of fulfillment centers, while Walmart sellers need only to choose between one or two Walmart fulfillment centers. Walmart fulfillment is a simpler alternative to FBA, perfect for new sellers looking to capitalize their markets.

How ShipCalm Can Help Your Business Get Your Products into Walmart’s Fulfillment Network

ShipCalm can handle all stages of Walmart’s fulfillment services, including product labeling, product inspection quality control, returns and inventory management, and much more. We can help our customers in optimizing any or  all areas of Walmart fulfillment and eliminating preventable hiccups that occur in various stages of the shipping process. We understand Walmart’s specific shipping requirements and guarantee compliance of shipments with all regulations in order to keep your sales consistent and to support long-term growth. ShipCalm has the shipping infrastructure to streamline and simplify all your needs when selling goods through Walmart Marketplace. We have the expertise and resources to take your Walmart fulfillment operations to the next level and help your business thrive.

ShipCalm boasts experience not only with Walmart fulfillment, but also with other major retail spaces. Here are a few examples of companies that ShipCalm is able to provide fulfillment services to help your business explore all merchant avenues

ShipCalm Can Get Your Products To Market in Multiple Ways

Shipcalm is a trusted third-party logistics company that is eager to take on our customer’s shipping logistics needs. Offering affordable shipping logistics solutions, we understand the full scale of shipping requirements, providing a guaranteed improvement in your shipping network. ShipCalm is here to elevate the way you pack, track, and ship goods, working with a large variety of industries to provide top-of-the-line service. Some of the most popular ShipCalm service options include:

ShipCalm is here to be flexible with all eCommerce spaces because we know every business is unique. ShipCalm has partnership integrations with a variety of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, with an expedited and comprehensive shipping infrastructure that will support long-term growth and scalability. By outsourcing your reverse logistics and product serialization to ShipCalm, businesses can guarantee they’ll save time and money in the long term. Walmart is a trusted brand, but ShipCalm will integrate within any marketplace, such as:

At ShipCalm, we’re industry professionals who can seamlessly integrate and handle your businesses’ shipping logistics needs. Let us support you in creating efficient and cost-effective solutions that will ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Have questions about ShipCalm’s Walmart fulfillment services? Request a custom price today!