Retail Vendor Compliance Services

You need to comply with very specific requirements to ship your product to retailers like Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Best Buy, and others. To ensure your product will be accepted when it’s delivered to facilities, you must effectively manage your vendors’ compliance demands.

What Is Vendor Compliance?

Retail vendor compliance means understanding exactly what each vendor requires so your product is delivered seamlessly. It also means you’re prepared to deal with and resolve issues effectively and efficiently. 

Every retailer has specific, individual requirements to accept goods into their facilities. And you must be able to check all the boxes to be compliant – there’s no middle ground on compliance…it’s all or nothing. 

Wholesale Compliance Can Involve: 

  • Pallets need to be in a specific way 
  • Certain labels must be on cartons 
  • Delivery must occur during various time windows 
  • Specific freight providers are used 
  • Packing slips look exactly as required 
  • Special or unique barcodes are on packages 

Dropship Compliance Can Involve: 

  • A packing slip needs a specific logo on it 
  • Shipping must be done under a particular level of service – I.E., Next Day, 2-day, etc. 
  • Shipping must be within a given time window

How ShipCalm Can Help You with Retail Vendor Compliance

ShipCalm partners with a vast majority of large and small retailers across the world. These retailers produce vendor compliance guidebooks that we have extensive knowledge and understanding of. This means we can set you up for success. We understand exactly what’s needed to ensure you achieve retail vendor compliance, every vendor, every delivery. 

Whether you’re looking for help with wholesale or dropship compliance, ShipCalm’s got you covered. Our team of specialists focuses primarily on retail vendor execution, including compliance. Their sole mission is to ensure orders are picked, packed, and shipped correctly and on time so your product is in retailers and selling. 

ShipCalm Can Help You With So Much More than Vendor Compliance

ShipCalm can help your business maximize the efficiency of your logistics program.  We offer many services that allow us to integrate into your system and handle your logistics from start to finish.  Here are a few of those additional services we offer

Here are just a few of the retail partners that we currently work with:

Let ShipCalm Help You with Retail Vendor Compliance Now!

Vendor management is vital for cost control and increased efficiency, especially with ever-growing supply chain issues. As your brand expands, so does your need to get into retailers to sell. Having a partner that understands vendors’ requirements, needs, and expectations gives you an advantage as you scale your business. 

To learn more and speak with a ShipCalm representative, check out our pricing page.